Burmese Kalaga Tapestry Wall Hanging


This is a hand-made heavily embroidered appliqué Tapestry.  The word Kalaga means “curtain” and comes from the Burmese language although they often refer to these tapestries as shwe gyi do which is ‘gold thread embroidery’ and these tapestries use a sewing technique called shwe gyi.  The artform emerged in the mid-19th century and as is typical in this type of tapestry they include padded figures which are sewn onto a background, usually a black or red cloth to form an elaborate scene and are taken from Burmese classical plays.  The figures are sewn using a combination of metallic threads and adorned with sequins, beads and glass stones.   It is very intricately made and delicate and does have some missing stones, sequins and some loose stitching.

Height: c.32 inches / 82 cms
Length: c.46 inches / 116 cms
Length between hooks: 33 inches / 84 cms

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