Gilt Metal Box with an exquisite Enamel centrepiece


This circular Gilt metal box is a beauty and has an exquisite enamel centrepiece lid.  It features wonderful scrolled legs, bright turquoise with silver edging semi-circles and an intricate star in the middle.  The box is hand scrolled around the lid in the pattern of a star and flower motif with more scrolling around the sides.

It was very exciting when we opened this trinket box and we found a very old note.  It is written in old Italian and we understand it is about a Ball that took place in the Hall of Caryatids at the Royal Palace in Milan. We believe that the Ball took place or was planned sometime after 1890 and before 1926 as the note appears to mainly consist of a list of very high ranking Italian Members of the Royal Family, however, we cannot be certain but it certainly adds to the drama of the piece!  We are not sure how the note relates to this piece but it is a very exciting find.

From what we have been able to make out the list of those named include:
Princess Margherita: Probably the wife of the King Umberto I who died in 1926.
Duca degli Abruzzi: Duke of Abruzzo. This is likely to be Luigi Amedeo, son of King of Spain, for whom this title was created in 1890 who died in 1933.
Duca D’Aosta: This could have been Amedeo who inherited the title in 1931 (and died in 1942) or his father Emanuele Filiberto (1869-1931).
Duca and Duchessa of Genoa.

Height: 2 inches / 5 cms
Diameter: 2.74 inches / 7 cms

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