Rosenthal Porcelain Tureen Serving Dishes in Cobalt and Gold


Whether you use a Tureen for your potatoes or for your plants you can’t really go wrong.  These are a couple of beautiful porcelain Tureens by ‘Rosenthal’ in Cobalt and Gold.  The porcelain and the gilding are of the finest quality and Rosenthal dining sets are the benchmark for a stylish table or simply to be used as home décor.  They are known for their design & quality and are one of the finest porcelain producers in the world.

There are three Tureens with the largest having some wear and a small chip. The other two smaller ones remain in great condition.

Dimensions & Prices

Large Tureen (£70.00):
Width: 35 cms
Height (with lid): 27 cms

Medium Tureen (£55.00):
Width: 30 cms
Height (with lid): 20 cms

Small Tureen (£35.00):
Width: 19.5 cms
Height (with lid): 17 cms