A Trio of Vintage Leather Suitcases


This lovely Trio of Vintage Leather Suitcases take you back to the days of glamorous travel.  They are all of different sizes and look great when stacked together or on their own and are fabulous for storing linens, books or anything you want to keep but not have out on display or for photo shoots.  The larger of the cases is covered in original vintage stickers although it has no handle.  Two of the cases are in good condition and are both monogrammed. The linings are all different and are in vintage condition and they are all in travel worn condition.  Please ask for more photos of any individual cases or all of them.


Large sized case:
Height: c.7.5 inches (c.19 cms)
Width: 16 inches (c.41 cms)
Length: 26 inches (c.66 cms)

Medium sized case monogrammed L.G.H.:
Height: c.7.25 inches (18 cms)
Width: c.14.5 inches (c.37 cms)
Length: c.24 inches (c.60 cms)

Smaller sized case monogrammed M.E.M:
Height: 6.5 inches (c.17 cms)
Width: 14 inches (c.36 cms)
Length: 24 inches (c.61 cms)


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